In the arts, a mosaic is comprised of myriad individual fragments of tile, stone, or glass. Each individual fragment is unique and beautiful, but when pieced together, represents an artwork more brilliant than that of any individual fragment.

As fragments in God's hands, each of us brings our own experiences, perspectives, and gifts to the table. We are unique and beautiful as individuals. What we offer is beautiful, even when broken and jagged. But when brought together by a skilled Artist, the diversity of expression creates something stunning.

Our hope for the Mosaic blog is that it will provide a space for conversation and reflection on the countless pieces of our lives as people of God and servants in God's kingdom. We hope it will not be a flat, monochromatic, perfect snapshot but a vibrant image full of texture, contrast, and rough edges. 

May our gifts and our differences create something beautiful together.


As the fragments come together in this blogging canvas, three primary images take shape, represented by three areas of focus within Mosaic:

  • Church explores myriad aspects of congregational leadership and life in the church. Posts in this category revolve around such matters as pastoral care, conflict and transition management, small church ministry, church mission and vision, Sunday morning worship, and elder-minister-volunteer teams.

  • Discipleship emphasizes the importance of spiritual health in the life of the leader. This category includes reflections on spiritual vitality and practices, self-awareness and self-care, faith journeys, and theology.

  • Culture fosters conversation about what it means to live as citizens of God’s kin-dom who are also residents of this world. Articles in this category thoughtfully examine our world through the lens of faith, with articles about global awareness, politics, justice, evangelism, current events, and more.

We seek to engage Christian leaders, congregational ministers, and others who care deeply about the church and her mission, matters of faith, and what God is doing in the world.


Our contributors write from a Christian perspective, many from within the Churches of Christ. They enter this space from congregational ministry, chaplaincy, the academy, local and global mission contexts, and more. Because of the diversity of our writing team and guest contributors, readers will find writing styles, ecclesial expressions, and theological perspectives that differ from one another and shift over time. This diversity is intentional and, we believe, is one of Mosaic's greatest strengths!

Thus, the views expressed on Mosaic are those of the various writers and do not necessarily represent the views of the Siburt Institute for Church Ministry or Abilene Christian University. 

We invite you into the conversation—not merely as reader and observer, but as a participant. Please share your own insights by commenting on blog posts and social media shares! As you voice your perspectives, especially if you hold a perspective that differs from the author or a fellow commenter, please speak in ways that honor the image of God in all persons.

Support and History

Mosaic is supported by the Siburt Institute for Church Ministry at Abilene Christian University. Mosaic launched in September 2018, having grown from a partnership with ACU's Brown Library and Center for Heritage and Renewal in Spirituality (CHARIS). Older articles now on Mosaic were originally published on CHARIS. 

If you find Mosaic to be beneficial and meaningful, please consider supporting the site in one of these ways: invite others to read and follow Mosaic, or make a financial gift to the Siburt Institute to help with our ongoing efforts to serve you.